Restore The Memories

Do you remember Grandma's old charming house with all of the nostalgic childhood memories? What became of the old kitchen? The parlor? Or the quilting room?

Is there sorrow in your heart knowing your beloved memory house was torn down for other uses, while the children ask what life was like at the old homestead?

Perhaps your enchanted story book house is in such ruins that it is not feasible to restore, or it is so far away that you cannot visit like you did long long ago.

My History House is dedicated to creating authentic house plans of your chosen history house. Our team of draftsmen and design professionals will create the look so well that you may smell the strawberry jam wafting from Grandma's cozy kitchen. 

Select your favorite views, or for ultimate restoration of the memories, gather your family together with an "approved to build" set of plans and rebuild your history house.

Send sketches, dimensions, details, and photos of your history house to We will send free estimates for your choice of desired house plans. 

A few examples of story book gems to be replicated or restored include:

Grandma Mary's House

Grandma Alice's House

Grandma Thaddie's House

Grandma Sarah's House

Grandma B's House